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Short Writing Assignment # 1 (10 points)   At the end of the day- does it matter more: a) how YOU see yourself or b) how others see you? Who is more likely to have an accurate picture of your personality? Why? Justify your decision and think about how self and others’ judgments of personality affect us day to day and long-term. In other words, how does your view of your personality and others’ views of your personality affect you?   Responses should be clearly written and thoughtful and should incorporate material that you have read in chapter 2 of the textbook. (Responses that do not incorporate material from the text will not receive full credit.) Be sure to check for grammar and spelling errors. Responses should be 1-2 pages. 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Short Writing Assignment Rubric

Response: ______

Thoughtful and complete response to the discussion question. (4 points)

Thoughtful response but has failed to address one of the components of the assignment (3 points)

Not much thought appears to have been given to the assignment and fails to address more than one component of the assignment (2-1 points)

Strength of Argument: ______

Well-argued. Empirical support provided and/or exceptional use of other materials (e.g., textbook).

(4 points)

Argument is inconsistent and/or weakly supported. Little material from the text is included; anecdotal information largely used. (3 points)

Very weak argument. Only anecdotal support- or no support provided.(2-1 points)

Writing Quality: ______

Well-written. Proper grammar (2 points)

Inconsistent writing quality; issues with grammar, spelling, proof-reading (1 point)

TOTAL: ________

Other comments or deductions: