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This assignment is DUE 2 Sep 2:00 pm CST

Both questions should be 350 words. The initial response should include at least one (1) scholarly source (not including the text) in your initial response. Wiki pages, online Dictionary, and non-peer-reviewed websites are not considered scholarly. Rather, use peer-reviewed journal articles, government websites, and educational websites. The goal is to always carefully review the sources you are using. Keep sources to within 5 years of publication. Timely literature is very important in the nursing field. Use APA 7th edition

Section 1

1. Various user authentication methods are available or in development. Which method do you think would provide the best balance of security and efficiency? Support your response. 350 words or more

Section 2

2. What do you perceive as the current obstacles to redesigning workflow within your clinical settings? 350 words or more