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create 5 HR Policies for a job searching app start up, and describe them and how can they benefit the the start up. 

around 500 words 

Express as soon as possible 

attached is an example for another project 

Having a well established, consistent and comprehendible human resources policy is key for a well-organized company operation as well as a good employee work-life balance and work satisfaction. To be able to achieve our goal and vision we have to maintain policies that will make sure all our employees able to provide the best customer service. HR policies will also help organize the structure, discipline the employees, and regulate behavior and here are 5 of our HR policies:

1) Health and safety policy

Main health and safety regulations the company will provide insurance that is also provided by the Singapore governments to cover all accidents or injury cost that happen in working environment and in working hours. Since we will be dealing a lot of machineries we will have scheduled maintenance in all aspect including machineries to be able to provide a safe working environment and at the same time all of our employees feel safe working. We will also provide strategies and instructions to operate machineries and hazardous symbols to chemicals. Provide strategies and instructions during urgent situations like fire and earthquake and providing emergency exits. Last but not least providing and giving instructions on fire extinguishers and first aid kits as we know many accidents can happen in bars. It is all base on occupational safety and health acts with making sure our company provide the healthiest and safest environment as possible for both employee and clients.

2) Confidentiality agreement

This policy is a contract agreement between the company and all employees that forbids disclosure of any information, which any of the involved parties requested to stay secretive. Employees are not allowed to share any form of company and client confidential information. Employees are not allowed to share any form of accidents and information that will affect the company in a bad way.

3) Meal and break periods

Our bar will be opening on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday we will only have one shift of 8 hours of work and 1 hour break including meal time so a total of 9 hours per shift. It will apply the same for interns and for part time workers who worked at least 4 hours will get 30 minutes break with mealtime included. Meal time will be arranged by each department regarding on condition, situations, and their shift making sure when they go on a break their position is covered by a colleague so there will be no too many people having a break and to less giving service and stand by. Employee should communicate before leaving for break.

4) Employee schedule, attendance and punctuality

Every employee has to respect timeline of his or her schedules. Employees have to arrive a few minutes before shift and already stand by when their shift started. Employee should communicate when shift ends before leaving. Shift will be recorded by fingerprint scanner therefore employee should fingerprint during shift start and ends. Sick leave and holiday request are allowed base on situation and condition on request time.

5) Cell-phone and shirking policy

Last but not least is shirking policy especially the use of cell phone in as more and more people find it hard to resist. Personal cell-phone are allowed to be brought to work and used for working purposes only as we will have Whatsapp group and communicate regarding work or other purposes related to work. Using cell phone for personal matter and issues are allowed in emergency cases only.