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Discussion Question 1 (DQ1)

Leaders in sport organizations today are presented with a host of local, national, and global challenges ranging from economic, social, ethical, spiritual, political, technological, and ecological. Frequently the challenges and leadership demands conflict with one another, especially in the “win at all costs” culture that many assert currently prevails in sport.

Briefly, from a leadership perspective describe the one greatest challenge that your sport organization or you currently face. If you are not currently professionally engaged in the field of sport, describe the one challenge that you anticipate facing in your aspired position. What leadership theory or theories and style(s) might help you to more effectively address the challenge? Be specific. Why and how? How can you balance results, relationships, and responsibility in addressing the challenge?

– Be sure to review the discussion rubric attached 

– One paragraph. No more than half page 

– Use APA 7th edition 

– Due date: tomorrow