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Checklist for Term paper 1

Note that this checklist is not prepared to replace the Assignment Guideline posted in the

course portal. This checklist is designed to elaborate on the key points of the term paper.

Please make sure that you addressed the following questions before submitting your term


 General:

o Did I strictly follow the APA style (font size, spacing, citation, paragraph

structures, list of references, etc.)?

o Did I meet the minimum page requirement (7—9 pages, excluding title page,

table of contents, references, and annexes)?

 Topic:

o Is the topic less than 120 characters but not too short?

o Is the topic clear enough to explain the proposed study?

 Introduction:

o Does the introduction part address the five components of the introduction of a

proposal (one paragraph for each)?

 Literature review:

o Did I write a minimum of 5 pages?

o Did I use only peer-reviewed journal articles and books as the main source of


o Did I review and summarized at least 15 relevant article journals/books related

to the study topic?

o Is there a logical flow of ideas/concepts in the literature review?

o Did I write a clear literature gap/s or literature deficiency?

 Statement of the problem

o Does the statement justify the problem properly?

 Research question

o Are the research questions (in qualitative method) and research questions or

hypotheses (in quantitative and mixed methods) clear enough to be answered at

the later stage of the research?



Comparative Study of different factors influencing the behaviour of teenagers and older adults towards Online-Marketing


· Proposal introduction has five components:

· Establishing the problem leading to the study

· Reviewing the literature about the problem

· Identifying deficiencies in the literature about the problem

· Targeting an audience and noting the significance

· Identifying the purpose of the proposed study

The Purpose Statement:


Literature Review:

Literature Gap:

Statement of the Problem:

Research Questions: