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We are doing a group project, brief summery has been written to give you idea what our project is about. Based on the summery, you have to make judgement and answer to the questions highlighted in the attached file.

Digitalizing UTD Parking

The current ecosystem of parking at UTD is ineffective for students and faculty alike. Every year complaints arise about limited space, time wasted looking for parking spots, and parking tickets. But what if we could make the search for parking a thing of the past? What if, students were able to come to campus and find parking within five minutes of arriving rather than thirty? What would it be like if parking was digitized?

Our technological function is to create an app that will allow students and faculty to find struggle free parking through real-time monitoring. The amount of parking spaces available on campus is not the problem. The issue is the inefficiency of the current system. Students and faculty have difficulty finding available parking spaces on campus, especially if they arrive during peak hours. Sometimes, they spend an enormous amount of time searching for an available spot even in parking structures. Due to this extensive search, students end up being late to class, or choose to not come to campus at all and not go to class. This causes a domino effect, leading to low class turnout, poor grade distribution, and few evaluations. In order to avoid this domino effect, we want to create an efficient parking system. Our application aims to make the entire process more efficient by working in conjunction with sensors installed at each parking space around every parking lot on campus. The sensors will detect parked cars and transmit the parking occupancy information back to the digital map database for real-time monitoring which can be tracked through either our application or through the University’s website. The installed sensors will require zero maintenance or calibration and will have a long battery life due to a Lithium battery inside. The system will be compatible with the University’s existing permit-based system and will allow users to filter available parking spaces by permit color.

The digital map will update in real-time to show available parking spaces for the lot the user chooses to view. The map will also include a feature to show the row and column number of where the parking space is available for easy navigation. This will drastically reduce the average amount of time spent searching for an available parking space and will streamline the entire parking process.  

-How can the educational entity sustain its ecosystem competitive positions by organizing digital transformation?

What is the model by which the educational entity obtains any student payments?  What is the amount to be paid by students as customers for value