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The goal of the exercise, “Tell Me a Story: Scariest, Funniest, or Most Embarrassing Moment,” is to practice your storytelling skills. Please think of a story that you would like to share with the class; it can be funny, scary, or embarrassing (or a combination). Please use the four components of storytelling—balance, turning point, struggle, and truth—as a framework to develop your story. Remember that this is a short story; try to keep the story limited to one to two minutes.

Please work on the quality of your videotaping. Develop a videotaping approach in which I can see your whole body if possible. I would also like to see you attempt to use some movement when you deliver all of your presentations. Working on movement and a kinesthetic approach to speaking is an important aspect of this course, so do your best to set up your camera strategically. All presentations are done standing—except for the interview role play at the end of the class. Thank you!