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Purpose: First network design introduction with Cisco 3 Tier Architecture and MS Visio.

Task:  Design a secure network for Simply Coffee Boise location with the CISCO 3 Tier Architecture framework with the business requirement below. Upload your MS Visio file here before the due date.

You are leading a team to design a new network for Simply Coffee Boise by using Microsoft Visio. Below are the requirement for the network:

1) The cafĂ© area is equipped with 6x free WIFI Access Points (AP) that provide customers with Internet connection.

2) For the back end (office)  Simply Coffee Boise needs the following; 6x store employee PC, 2x network printer, 4x POS (Point Of Sales Systems that need Internet connection for customer credit card processing)) and 2x POS Servers (takes daily transactions from the 4x POS). 

3) Simply Coffee Boise would also like to host their own website and have their own email address for their employees. Please set up the appropriate servers that would meet this requirement.