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Referendum on ban of smoking in public places  such as bars and restaurants should be passed. Do you agree or not? Why>

Why Laws on Smoking in Public should be Banned

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Why Laws on Smoking in Public should be Banned

Smoking in public, especially drugs such as cigarettes have negative impact to secondary consumers, than actual users. As such a number of research has been conducted to support the argument on whether smoking in public in areas such as bars and restaurants should be banned or not. The obvious point is that smoking has direct health effect to consumer, thus should be banned or reduced. Thus, it is imperative to understand why most people including me would agree with new law to burn the smoking in public places.

First, public policies such as criminal laws and health regulation have been put in place in specific areas, such as public areas and workplaces. These policies are enacted to protect citizens from negative health effects, which originate from inhaling smokes from drugs such as tobacco and bhang. The continued ban of consumption of cigarette for instance, has reduced the demand for tobacco with a great margin (Albertsen, Hannerz, Borg, & Burr, 2003). For example, according to the World Health Organization report, the ban has created a hostile environment for smokers, thus reducing the negative impact of smoke to the public, and users.

Smoking bans can adversely affect the economy of developing countries. For example, the sales of drugs such as cigarette is consider to be a major source of revenue to the government. Smoking bans will lead to low cigarette sales which will be reflected in reduced tobacco taxes. Most clubs and pubs offer people a commonplace for smoking but when bans are enforced in public places, it will mean that the clubs and pubs will be adversely affected leading to low income to the business owners and the economy of a particular country at large (Remuzzi, 2000). Therefore, a country that insists on banning smoking in public places will be affected economically as cigarettes sale is one of the means of generating revenues of a country.

Generally, it is agreeable that smoking in public should be banned. Despite the negative impact in the economy, the health effects to the consumer are more than the decline of the economy. For example, long-term smoking contribute to health problems such as high blood pressure and clotting of blood. Additionally, drugs such as cigarate has harmful substance such as tar and nicotine. Thus, their consumption leads to diseases such as throat and lung cancer, which are respiratory health problem. Therefore, smoking in public should be banned to reduce the health problems.


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