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Explore and discuss the varied styles and approaches to art, new artists, and unique concepts of contemporary art and art-making.


Step 1. Watch the 4 videos below while considering:

  • Should art that doesn’t last be considered art?
  • Which of the videos are most worthy of consideration as artistic pieces? If you feel they all have artistic value, which do you prefer most, and why?

Step 2.  By Wednesday, write a detailed post that answers the questions above. Provide a thoughtful explanation of your opinions. Including examples or citing other sources is encouraged.

Step 3.  By Sunday, 11:59 PST, reply to your classmates in a way that helps move the discussion forward. Writing “that’s great“, or “yeah I agree” are not acceptable answers. Ask questions, and explain in detail why you agree, or maybe not agree!

Step 4.  Compare your work with the Rubric requirements below. 





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