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you will identify a complex organizational situation, problem or event you have experienced (or are experiencing) to analyze through the structural, human resources, political and symbolic frames integrating and synthesizing the information to draw valid conclusions and make recommendations to address the situation, and achieve desired organizational goals and outcomes.

Organizational Dynamics Analysis Paper Guidelines

Prepare and submit an 10 page paper that briefly describes the situation, defines and discusses the theoretical framework of the four frames, analyzes the situation through each of the frames, and integrates the analyses to draw valid conclusions and make recommendations that achieves the desired organizational outcomes. A well-constructed paper will reference 5 or more scholarly sources including 4 peer-reviewed journal articles retrieved from Brandman’s virtual library, adhere to APA standards, and include the following:

Situation Description 

In no more than one page, describe a current or past organizational situation, issue or event you are or have experienced to examine through the structural, human resources, political and symbolic frames; briefly discuss the organization’s goals and desired outcomes, key players (names optional), and any other relevant background information.

Theoretical Framework

Prior to analyzing the situation through the structural, human resources, political and symbolic frames, define and discuss each frame, and its value in analyzing organizational issues. You may want to consider the assumptions behind the frames, the impact of the frames on individual and group performance and/or the insights each frame provides into organizational dynamics. 

Application of Theory

Analyze your situation through each of the four frames assessing the impact of frame on the achievement of organizational goals and desired outcomes. Synthesize and integrate the findings of the four frames analysis to draw valid conclusions and make recommendations on how to address the organizational situation, issue or event. 

Major change initiative and important team effort.  

The situation I will be examining is how to build a team of sailors who were under a leadership that did not have high standards. Some examples are the leadership was barely at work, there was no follow up on performance or medical readiness and everyone was essentially doing their own thing, no team work. The organization needs a major change initiative as well as an important team effort, the change initiative starts at the top and trickles down to the lowest sailor. The role I play in this situation is I’m the head leader that is going to ensure we are making the necessary changes for this plan to work. The goals are to set new standards and ensure everyone adheres to them. Start a follow up process, do checks and balances of the sailors performance. Attain a 90% qualification rate and ensure the sailors feel we are a team and not just an organization. The key players are the Chiefs mess who are the backbone of the navy and the LPOs who are day in and day out with the sailors. They are going to ensure that we have a cohesive work environment. They are also going to make sure sailors are motivated. 

Key things to note is motivation and team effort.