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  • WHAT are the characteristics of a collaborative leader?
  • WHEN do we collaborate in a community setting?


Your assignment is to review two resources and then discuss an example provided for you at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials website (Links to an external site.).  As a public health leader, in a constantly changing world, you will need to know how to build relationships within your organization, among organizations, and in the community.  The 12 C’s of Collaboration provides you with a framework that illustrates how coalitions utilize a networking strategy to come together and make change happen, both efficiently and effectively. 

For this discussion board exercise, you will select one of the ASTHO examples of successful collaborations and write two brief paragraphs that summarize the collaboration and describe how the 12 C’s Collaborative Actions and Important Collaborative Attitudes were related to the ASTHO example you selected.

  1. After you have selected one of the collaboration examples on the ASTHO website (Links to an external site.), then select one category in the 12 C’s Collaborative Actions section and describe how you think that action either was or might have been incorporated into the collaboration example you selected. 
  2. Now, select one of the 12 C’s Important Collaborative Attitudes.  Similar to step #1, but in a separate paragraph, describe how you think that attitude either was or might have been incorporated into the collaboration example you selected.
  3. Finally, tell your classmates your three main takeaways that you have learned from this discussion board activity and how you will apply that in your future career. 
  4. This discussion board post should be at least 300 words and not more than 600 words.  IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that this writing assignment should be written professionally, with correct grammar and spelling.  You may use the first-person tense, but use this as an opportunity to IMPROVE your writing!