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  • Summarize cloud application scalability concepts.
  • Evaluate cloud application bench marking and tuning procedures.
  • Assess cloud-based implementation strategies.
  • Select a deployment platform using appropriate criteria.
  • Describe cloud security architecture.
  • Contrast methodologies for the design and deployment of cloud applications.


You are the Cloud Architect for a startup company. Your company has deployed several client implementations on the public cloud. Your team lead wants you to prepare the presentation for a DevOps event in Silicon Valley. This event can have a big impact on your company to attract more clients.

You have pushed several web applications to the public cloud in the past. You have decided to use the best practices from your deployment experiences and use them to create a PowerPoint presentation for this event. You have also decided to associate these experiences with a fictitious situation to give your presentation a more holistic and true-to-life feel. The fictitious situation will be that a company named “Investment Karma LTD.” will roll out a website for client information and interactivity with the company. The website will be a world-wide site that handles clients from nearly every country who invest on all of the world’s stock exchanges.


Create a PowerPoint with the following information:

Make sure to thoroughly explain in slide notes for each slide why you made the choices you made for the company.

Slide 1: Select a public cloud vendor for Investment Karma LTD. and provide an overview of the applicable services offered by the cloud vendor.

Slide 2: List the public cloud components used for the company’s web application deployment.

Slides 3-4: Create a Web application deployment architecture that will be used on public clouds.

Slides 5-6: Modify the architecture diagram and include pertinent databases including those which use managed service.

Slides 7-8 Explain what a CI/CD pipeline design should entail. Be sure to include continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Slides 9-11: Explain the use of cloud native tools (at least 3), that you can use to improve the security of Investment Karma’s web applications.

Slide 12: Describe a way to implement data encryption for the data stored in the appropriate databases.

Slide 13: Identify the correct benchmarking tool that was chosen to evaluate the cloud service.

Slide 14: List a minimum of 5 scholarly resources that you used to create the information for the PowerPoint.

Requirements to pass: MUST INCLUDE ALL BELOW TO PASS

Presentation contains 14 slides. 

5 scholarly references provided; documented correctly. 

Public cloud vendor selected; full, robust, and detailed overview of services offered. 

Full, robust, and detailed list of the public cloud components used for web application deployment 

Full, robust, and detailed creation of a Web application deployment architecture that will be used on public clouds. 

Full, robust, and detailed modification of the architecture diagram and the database using the managed service was included 

Full, robust, and detailed explanation of the CI/CD pipeline design. Continuous integration and continuous delivery included 

Explanation given for 3 cloud native tools that can be used to improve the security of a web application. 

Full, robust, and detailed description given for a way to implement the data encryption for the data stored in the database.  Full, robust, and detailed description of the correct bench marking tool chosen to evaluate the cloud service.