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No matter what field you choose, it is essential to be able to create digital media to share ideas. In this assignment, you will create a short video with a topic of your choosing. The topic and content is up to you. Choose something that interests you and relates to your future goals. Some examples include an instructional video, an interview, or an informational video. You can even make a mini TED talk if you like! 


Your movie must have a title shot or slide for your movie as well as an introduction and credits at the end of the movie. The editing software you use should have built-in tools for these items. This link lists several video editing software options:


Please complete the following steps:  Use your Gmail account to register your free YouTube account

  1. You will create a movie / video presentation and upload it to your YouTube account
  2. To use free software like Microsoft MovieMaker , click here:Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows 10 or to get a free trial of Camtasia, click here: (Camtasia 8)
  3. Watch a YouTube tutorial on how to use this software.
    1. Example: MovieMaker for Beginners
  4. Pick a topic for your movie
  5. Assemble content like images and videos
    1. You may use free content you download from the internet
    2. Be very careful to use reputable sites (read online reviews)
    3. Do not break Copyright law (read how to find open copyright images and audio: org/2015/10/02/open-copyright-what-does-that-mean-for-me/”>https://training.npr.org/2015/10/02/open-copyright-what-does-that-mean-for-me/ )
  6. Create your movie. The length should be at least two (2) minutes.
  7. Add a title, introduction, and credits. 
  8. Upload your movie to your YouTube page
    1. Make sure to set permissions to Public so your video can be seen by all
  9. Paste the link to your movie into the comments text box in your CougarView dropbox.
  10. Please ask one of your classmates to test! Send them the link so they can test on their own devic