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you will be required to do some online research to identify an economic development project in San Bernardino or Riverside County that you will later write an economic development case study paper on

In searching for a project, here are some suggested websites and sources: 

1. Google https://www.google.com 

2. Google News https://www.news.google.com 

3. San Bernardino Sun https://sbsun.com 

4. Riverside Press-Enterprise https://pe.com 

5. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin https://dailybulletin.com 

6. Inland Empire Business News https://iebusinessdaily.com 

7. Inland Empire Business Journal https://iebizjounral.com 

8. Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce https://iechamber.org 

Your description of the project must include the following: 

1. Name of Project 

2. Identify which government is involved (name of City and/or County) 

3. Identify which business(es) are involved.

4. What type of economic development project is it (e.g. a commercial shopping center, a factory, another type of business project, a college, etc.)

 5. What activity will take place at the project? (one sentence description) 

6. Insert an online link to an article or source about the project