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Based on the Alex and Paulo scenarios and using evidence-based practices, plan an appropriate community-based instructional experience they can successfully participate in together.   

The selected community-based instructional experience should be differentiated to meet the needs of both Alex and Paulo and aligned to their individual goals. The chosen community-based instructional experience should focus on teaching community and participation skills in one of the following areas:

  1. Restaurant ordering, dining and payment skills
  2. Grocery shopping skills
  3. Finance skills (such as making a purchase)
  4. Community integration across multiple skills (e.g., taking public transportation and attending a community event).

Compose a 500-750-word summary that discusses where the community-based instructional experience will take place, an agenda and itinerary for the experience, specific community skills that are being practiced by Alex and Paulo, and how the skills directly align to goals set in Topic 3. Be sure to rationalize your choices, citing a minimum of three scholarly resources.