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Tom, Jan, and Julie are IS majors at Great State University. These students have been assigned to a class project by one of their professors, requiring them to develop a new Web-based system to collect and unique information on the IS program’s alumni. This system will be used by the IS graduates to enter job and address information as they graduate, and then make changes to that information as they change jobs and/or address. Their professor also has a number of queries that she is interested in being able to implement. Based on their preliminary discussions with their professor, the students have developed this list of system elements: Inputs: 1 low complexity, 2 medium complexity, 1 high complexity. Outputs: 4 medium complexity. Queries: 1 low complexity, 4 medium complexity, 2 high complexity. Files: 3 medium complexity. Program interfaces: 2 medium complexity. Assume that an adjusted project complexity factor of 1.2 is appropriate for this project. Calculate the total adjusted function points for this project.