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 Need you to re-do homework Clinical Field Experience B: Lesson Plan ReviewI hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We grilled on Saturday and spent time together watching movies all day yesterday. The weather is heating up here in the desert! This week you do have a practicum assignment and you have one lesson plan due. The video I created describes the expectations as I have made a few adjustments you will be happy about! The video is only 10 minutes long but rich in content. For the reflection on the practicum I would like you to answer the thought starters on the video page, see below. I am going to attach the lesson plan template for you again, please use this template only. Remember you are creating a unit of study, please build off of the lesson plan you created last week.


· Use the same book you chose and have fun with it! Take time to read through the assignments on the path and ask me any questions you have. Do not forget to complete the practicum verification form and send it to me this week for me to fill out and sign. The information needed is below as well. I look forward to another week filled with learning! Thank you all for your participation and continued commitment to this course. If there is anything I can do to help support you please reach out! I am also open to creating a Google meets for any questions you have.


· I am always willing to do whatever it takes! Week 4 -Expectations video https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UNYWpuHFVrcAkLH6wfdn-jSSUwwIMtc/view Observation #2 Video link https://learn.teachingchannel.com/video/literature-circles-in-action

· Username: Jessica.Pussman@my.gcu.edu

· Password: gcu2020


· Questions to answer for your practicum reflection paper: How do literature circles help students further develop their speaking and listening skills? How does the STEAL template deepen students’ understanding of characters in a novel? What routines and expectations does Mr. Knoll have in place to help the literature circles run smoothly?