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For this assignment, please formulate a research topic in your field of interest (personal or professional) that you would like to explore from a statistical perspective. Please use the attached worksheet to frame your research question and select two research articles that you will use to inspire your own methodology. 


What’s Your (Statistical) Research Strategy?

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Part One: Formulating a Statistical Research Question

Instructions: Please answer each of the following questions below. You can find example responses to these questions in the boxes to the right. Use these examples to help guide your research question.

1. What topic would you like to research in your prospective career field?


Researching the Effect of Aerobic Exercises on Heart Health

2. What would be the explanatory and dependent variables in your study?

Explanatory Variable: The types of exercises used

Response Variable: Metrics established by echocardiography and quality of life

3. Use the first two parts to formulate a research question for your study.

Do specific types of aerobic exercises provide beneficial effects on heart health and the quality of life?

4. How would you conduct your study? What sampling techniques would you use?

Conduct a research study where participants are at risk for heart disease or have reduced heart functioning. In this case, participants are self-selected, but must be screened to be eligible.

5. What statistical techniques could be used to analyze the data from this study?

Hypothesis Testing/T-Test

Part Two: Formulating a Statistical Research Question

6. What are your key words? These are the main ideas from your research question.

Exercise, Heart, Aerobic, Quality of Life, Heart Disease, Beneficial

7. What are some synonyms for your key words? These are words that are related to or mean the same thing as your key words.

Exercise: train, drill, exertion

Aerobic: High-Impact

Quality of Life: standard of living, well-being

Heart Disease: Angina, Stroke, Cardiac Dysfunction, Ischemic Heart Disease

Beneficial: advantageous, favorable

8. In which library database will I search?

Example :

Academic Search Complete

9. Use your keywords and synonyms to find two sources that will help you answer your research question. Record them here. Use the template below, or do your best to create APA style citations for the two sources. You’ll need to create a reference list for them next week.

Source One:


Example :

Author: Dorheim et Al.

Title of Article: Improvement of Cardiac Dysfunction with a Novel Training Circuit Method Combining Simultaneous Aerobic-Resistance Exercises

Journal: PLoS One

Publication Year: 2018

Volume : 13

Issue: 3

Page Numbers: 8-9

Title of Article:

Name of Journal:

Publication Year:

Volume Number:

Issue Number:

Page Numbers:

Source Two:


Title of Article:

Name of Journal:

Publication Year:

Volume Number:

Issue Number:

Page Numbers:

Make sure you’ll be able to find these articles again. It’s a good idea to save them to your computer or copy their permalinks so you can access them later.

From example: https://nl.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=127636917&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Paste Permalink for Article 1:

Paste Permalink for Article 2:

10. Did the article present the statistics in a credible way? Was the evidence used qualitative or quantitative? If quantitative evidence was used, did you feel like the author(s) were transparent about their data practices—sampling techniques, methods used, and mode of presentation? If qualitative data was only used, do you think the author would have been more successful conducting a quantitative study? Write your response in at least 2-3 cohesive paragraphs, referring to specific examples from your sources.

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