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Tell me about an event or action that someone you personally know engaged in or did that you thought was ethical and then tell me why it was ethical.  Examples drawn from your own experience in business are preferred (but not necessary if you cannot think of one from that arena of life). To complete the assignment, you must address two parts:

  1. Describe what happened? Include enough information to describe the action so that it and its context are understandable to the reader (one-half of one single-spaced page should suffice for this part, though it can be longer if necessary).
  2. Explain why you think the event or action was ethical? For this step, you must address three things: What is your definition of “good”? (Do not simply assume that everyone agrees with your idea of what good means. Feel free to draw upon your own personal experiences, upbringing, religious beliefs, community standards, studies, observations, etc.) What is a strong objection to your vision of the good? (Why would someone reject your theory?  Really think of a strong objection to your idea of the good (think of a way you yourself might disagree with your own notion of good, and explain how). Be careful to analyze the good you are defending and not the goodness of the particular action.  They are different things.) Why is your theory still compelling? (why is your idea of good better than the objection(s) you address.

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