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VERY EASY ASSIGNMENT. Please just put answers below into your own words. You just simply have to reword the answers that are already being provided. 

1) Identify and define the management functions discussed this week.

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It’s to plan, execute, and monitor the project. This is everything is sounds like and refers to the phases, activities, and tasks of the project in question. 

2) Discuss the difference between organizational policies and procedures. 

The policies of a company are a set of rules that you have to abide by while the procedures are a step by step outline of how something gets done. 

3) List and briefly define the phases of a generic project life cycle.

Conceptual Phase – The initial planning phase where the point it to get the ideas flowing

Definition Phase – This part defines the project explicitly and assigns roles and tasks

Production Phase – This is where the work begins 

Operational Phase – This is where KPIs and other measurements are kept up with and 


Divestment Phase – Project closure 

4) During the definition phase of a project, it is important for management to design and develop a management system to support the project. Discuss the importance of each system.

You need a strategic alignment to help with the project. It’s leadership from the top. This will help you have clear focus on what needs to be done and achieve those objectives. Also, it can keep a realistic approach as to what’s possible and real budgets. This can also act as risk management due to the planning and will help with quality control.

5) Discuss the importance of the divestment phase as a tool for avoiding technological obsolescence.

It’s important for an organization to have short and long-term planning to respond to immediate needs and anticipate future requirements. Enabling good technological decisions to avoid or recover from obsolescence requires the active and ongoing tracking of the technology used by the organization. It’s a lifecycle that has to be tracked, budgeted for, and dealt with.

6) How can a project manager, by understanding the project life cycle, use the concepts of this chapter to help direct and control projects?

It’s a great layout to give you direction on how to lead the projects. The generic life cycle approach shows how the use of such an approach can bring about added order and improved protocol for the management of a project. This approach can improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which product, service, or process development conceptualized and carried out. You still have to do the hard work, but having a guide like this you can help put the pieces into place. 

Please make sure questions are numbered and followed by the answer.

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