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Read the following discussion below. Continue the discussion by answering the following question: What do you think could be done to encourage companies to use alternative methods? 

Describe the impact of pesticide resistance on the environment and subsequently, human health.

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Pesticide formulations and uses pave the way for the pesticides to enter the ecosystem. When added, the target species pick them up, enter the surface water sources, move them to form deep water, eaten by non-target organisms. Those pesticides impact birds and animals on land and in the aquatic. For example, pesticide bioaccumulation has caused devastation across the bee colony, leading to a declining bee population worldwide (Nature Video, 2012). Resistance to pesticides has increased the prevalence of vector-borne diseases and has therefore deteriorated human health. Also, the intake of contaminated food and water, inhalation, or penetration of the skin has adverse human health effects as witnessed by more than 3 million pesticide poisoning cases every year.

Are there alternative strategies to pesticide use for controlling pests/vectors of disease?

Among the main alternatives to pesticides includes integrated pest management (IPM), genetic control, natural chemical control, and biological control.  Biological control involves releasing natural predators of the pest to the fields so that these predators can parasitize the pest (epa.gov, 2019). For instance, the use of wasps in caterpillar control. Natural chemical control uses chemical compounds readily available in the environment to manage the pest. For example, the use of hormones to control growth and functioning and use of pheromones to lull pesticides to the traps. Genetic control involves the alteration of the genetic makeup of the crops to make them resistant to the pests and diseases resulting from such encounters (epa.gov, 2019).

250-275 words, APA format, scholarly source required

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